Preparing Your Home or Office for Cockroach Baiting

There are a few things you can do to prepare your property for cockroach baiting. Edmonton homeowners and businesses should follow these steps from A-Bug Man Exterminators in order to make the cockroach treatment as effective as possible.

Please note: These steps are for cockroach baiting, not spraying.

  • Step 1: We will need to access kitchen/bathroom cabinets, cupboards, and closets. They do not need to be empty, but should be clean and tidy.
  • Step 2: Remove all open foods from kitchen/bedroom areas, as well as basements. Store foods in sealed containers. Also, all cooking oils and fats (grease) should be stored in sealed containers.
  • Step 3: Units must be kept clean of all alternate food sources so the bait will work.
  • Step 4: Cockroach bait will be placed in these cabinets and other places throughout the unit.
  • Step 5: Ensure kitchen cupboards and doors are accessible.
  • Step 6: Remove all articles from the tops of fridge and stove.
  • Step 7: Clean stove inside and out.
  • Step 8: Ensure all garbage is removed and properly disposed of.
  • Step 9: Basement must be accessible to apply the bait near vents, furnace, water heater, and electrical panels.
  • Step 10: Move the stove and fridge in order to clean underneath and at the sides.
  • Step 11: Report all leaking taps/drainage systems to management, as this is a water source for the cockroaches.

Note: It is not necessary to leave your home or business during this procedure.

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