Potential Risks for Bedbugs & Tips to Avoid Them

A-Bug Man Exterminators offers these facts and tips on who is most at risk for bedbug infestations. If you think you may have bedbugs, call us in Edmonton to schedule an appointment.

Who Is At Risk for Bedbugs?


Travellers more often than not pick up bedbugs with their luggage at hotels. Aircraft and train cargo holds and taxi trunks can also be places where your luggage finds bedbugs.

Parents of Kids in Boarding School, College, or Military

Infestations of bedbugs can happen in college dorms and military barracks. When your kids return home, be sure to check their clothing and belongings for bedbugs.

People in Condos, Townhouses, Apartments, or Dorms

Bedbugs can travel through the walls of these types of dwellings, infesting one unit after another.

Used Furniture Owners

Check your used furniture and household items for bedbug infestations before bringing them into the home. If an item comes from a bedbug-infested residence, you may be accidentally infesting your own home.

People with Frequent Overnight Guests/Visitors

Friends and relatives may bring bedbugs into your home without realizing it.

Facts about Travellers & Bedbugs

  • Bedbugs can hide in your luggage
  • Bedbug infestations dramatically increased recently
  • Bedbugs hitch a ride in luggage, used furniture & beds
  • Hotels, condos, apartments, houses & cabins are all infestation targets
  • Bedbugs have been found in even expensive hotels
  • Bedbugs can be found in movie theatres, ambulances, hospitals & airplanes

Tips on Hotel Rooms & Bedbugs

  • On entering a hotel, check headboards, mounting boards, and bed. Remove the headboard from the wall to look if possible. If you find spots they could be bedbug fecal spots or shed skins.
  • Remove sheets and check mattresses and box springs for shed skins or fecal spots. Examine tufts or folds and springs thoroughly. Concentrate your search at the head of the bed.
  • Keep your luggage off the bed or furniture. Store your luggage on metal luggage racks if available to avoid bedbugs from the floor.
  • Look for white powder residue near cracks and crevices of furniture and headboards. This may be a sign that the room has been previously treated for bedbugs.
  • Some hotel beds may have sticky-board monitoring traps, indicating prior treatment. Check the monitors for bedbugs.
  • If you find bedbug evidence, remove your personal belongings from the room and contact the manager.
  • Treat your luggage once you've returned home and before you take your belongings into the house.

Sticky Monitors Under Bed Frame

Sticky Monitors Under Bed Frame

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