Bedbug Infestations: Tips of Prevention & What to Do for Treatment

How Do I Treat Bedbugs in My Home?

Get in touch with a pest management professional such as A-Bug Man Exterminators in Edmonton. Unfortunately, treating a bedbug infestation can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why it’s important to leave it up to the specialist.

How Will My Home Be Treated?

Typical bedbug treatments involve several visits from the pest control specialist. Bedbugs can infest anywhere from beds to cracks and crevices in your room. You may be asked to move out of your home because every item in the home will be treated with pesticide. Throw out infested mattresses, box springs, and padded furniture. Bedbug eggs are also difficult to find and can be unaffected by the pesticide. This means inspections should be done every two weeks for months to fight any re-infestation.

What Kind of Hotels Have Bedbugs?

Unfortunately, bedbugs are found in any hotel even the most expensive or classiest of 5-star resorts. Public records may be available concerning bedbug reports in hotels. Be sure to do your research on your hotel before staying there.

What If Only a Few Bedbugs Are Brought Home?

Don’t leave a few bedbugs alone! They can easily create a colony of thousands in only a few weeks. Be vigilant and check your home for bedbug signs from droppings to shed skins. Bedbugs aren’t just found in your bed, they will infest numerous areas of your room. If you suspect that you have bedbugs, call A-Bug Man today to begin scheduling your treatment.

How Can I Prevent Bringing Home Bedbugs from Travel?

Precautions you can take to prevent bedbugs from getting in your luggage include:

  1. Check your hotel for bedbug evidence (see our tips).
  2. Do not place your luggage on the floor, furniture, or bed. Leave luggage on the metal rack or foldout stand in the closet.
  3. As you prepare to leave, pack any clothing that has touched the floor in plastic bags.
  4. We recommend treating your luggage as soon as you’re home.
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