Preparing Your Home for Bedbug Treatment

The first thing to understand: It is not your fault that you have bedbugs. They can hitch a ride on clothing etc. You may pick them up on a bus, train, airplane, or in a hotel or a private residence from an existing infestation. While you may have brought them in your home unknowingly, the exterminator will need your complete cooperation.

Success in eliminating the bedbugs is a combination of your preparation and the pesticide applications. You must follow the instructions below and perform each task.

Tenant to be notified minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment.

During treatment and 4 hours following: no person or pet is allowed to remain on the premises, 24 hours for infants or persons with respiratory ailments.

Supply List

  • Strong heavy-duty garbage bags with ties
  • Access to washing machine and a dryer with high heat
  • Vacuum cleaner with disposable bags
  • Optional: vinyl mattress and pillow covers with zippers

Preparation Prior to the Day of Extermination

  • Collect all fabric items and place in strong heavy-duty garbage bags. Securely tie the bags. Examples of fabric items will include pillows, sheets, blankets, clothing, rugs, curtains, and towels. Collect and bag these items from all closets and all rooms of your home. These bags can be removed from your home, put in the bathtub or discuss this with the exterminator.
  • Remove all clutter from your home, e.g. boxes, bags, newspapers.
  • Vacuum all surfaces, e.g. furniture, mattresses, floors, walls, crevices, heating units, baseboards, picture frames. When finished vacuuming dispose of the vacuum bag by placing the vacuum bag in a garbage bag, tie the garbage bag, and throw it away into a waste container outside of the building.
  • Move all furniture about 1 ½ feet away from all walls, for spray access.
  • Dispose of any furniture or items that you do not want. Prevent re-use by breaking, slashing, or wrecking items so that others aren’t tempted to take them from the garbage.


  • Retreatment is required in approximately 2 weeks because the chemical does not destroy the eggs. The eggs will hatch within 8 – 10 days, and you will have new bugs.
  • Wash or dry clean fabric items in the garbage bags. If you dry clean any items notify the drycleaner that you are bringing items that have bedbugs. If you are washing the fabric items wash in hot water cycle and dry all items on the hottest setting in the dryer. Do not drop the items out of the garbage bags on the floor in front of the washer/dryer. Empty the contents directly into the machines. Seal and throw away these used garbage bags. Place the clean items into new garbage bags and seal.
  • Seal mattresses and pillows (optional) in zippered vinyl coverings.
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